Delirious Dancing: the Diabolical Discipline of Flamenco Bulerías

  • Rebecca W Morris
  • Lydia Beardmore

My publication, Those Who Were Dancing, is run in collaboration with artist, writer and anthropologist, Lydia Beardmore. It is a labour of love, strife, a careful sorting through of music archive, culture and history to get to the gems that lie beneath, connecting ideas that perhaps hadn't been considered before. This is my latest -- about the secrets, frustrations and elations of the world of flamenco, in a small town in the south of Spain. Follow our publication if you enjoy it -- we appreciate the support!

ID: A black and white photo of a girl dancing flamenco, her arms raised and head poised. She is at the forefront of a bar. A group of men surround her playing the guitar, clapping and looking on with admiration.

Photo by photographer Matteo Delred: