Rebecca W Morris

Rebecca W Morris

Writer/ Editor/ SubtitlerGlasgow, United Kingdom
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Rebecca W Morris

Rebecca W Morris

Writer/ Editor/ SubtitlerGlasgow, United Kingdom
About me
I write about art, music, mental health, and disability for blogs and online publications. I also publish the monthly newsletter, I Don’t Give a Spoon, about art and disability, drawing from my own experiences and interviewing disabled artists challenging norms. I am Editor-in-Chief and contributor to Those Who Were Dancing, a publication about music and its roots. One of my greatest interests is collective singing and the history of political folk music. As well as writing about it, I ran a choir for many years, and in my spare time sing, play guitar and study the wonderfully complicated art of flamenco. I specialise in accessible writing, amplifying voices and making disability-conscious copy. Teaching English as a second language means that I write clearly, avoiding jargon and untranslatable idioms. I copy-edit subtitles for documentaries in foreign languages, ensuring that the English translation sounds native, and flows well. My expertise in arts and disability comes after 10 years working in the theatre industry as a director, performer, multidisciplinary artist and creative mentor for young people with additional needs.
  • The History of the Feminised Voice, published in Those Who Were Dancing
    The History of the Feminised Voice, published in Those Who Were DancingI published a history of the feminine voice in literature, poetry, songs, Irish and Greek mythology and popular culture. The feedback has been phenomenal. I am so touched when people take the time to read my work, and not only this but write me a personal note on how it impacted them. My favourite responses so far are: “Possibly the most compelling introduction to feminist thought I have ever had the privilege to read. I am now committed to delving deeper. It touches my core in so many ways
  • Musicians Resurrecting Silent Cinema in Andalusia: Cinetones
    Musicians Resurrecting Silent Cinema in Andalusia: CinetonesA documentary about Cinetones, which is a project of live music scores played over silent cinema, performed, conceived and preserved by Andalusian musicians Elena Jiménez and Manuel Méijome. The duo compose an original score for each film, working with other composers and musicians, including percussionist, Ismael Colón Garrido, who appears in this video. Presenting a variety of films, including early surrealist cinema, women pioneers of experimental film, and of course, Charlie Chaplin, Cinet
  • Latest Those Who Were Dancing article by Lydia Beardmore
    Latest Those Who Were Dancing article by Lydia BeardmoreThose Who Were Dancing columnist Lydia Beardmore draws on her extensive research on UK festivals, giving us an insight into working behind the scenes at Glastonbury this year. Compelling, personal and super intimate. Please support our work and follow us at Those Who Were Dancing if you love this vibe! We are looking to expand, make z
  • Noise Versus Silence: Article for Those Who Were Dancing
    Noise Versus Silence: Article for Those Who Were DancingI wrote about my troubled relationship with silence and noise, drawing from sound ecology and nature, music experimenting with silence, and the history of noise abatement societies in the urban space. This is only part one: Part 2 of this is about those who have had silence thrust upon them, looking at women in mythology and cloistered nuns. Follow Those Who Were Dancing to read more. Lydia Beardmore will be wr
  • Reinventing Leadership and Hierarchies Through Singing
    Reinventing Leadership and Hierarchies Through SingingI wrote about leadership and disability based on what I learnt running a political choir in London, published by Disability Arts online:
  • Delirious Dancing: the Diabolical Discipline of Flamenco Bulerías
    Delirious Dancing: the Diabolical Discipline of Flamenco BuleríasMy publication, Those Who Were Dancing, is run in collaboration with artist, writer and anthropologist, Lydia Beardmore. It is a labour of love, strife, a careful sorting through of music archive, culture and history to get to the gems that lie beneath, connecting ideas that perhaps hadn't been considered before. This is my latest -- about the secrets, frustrations and elations of the world of flamenco, in a small town in the south of Spain. Follow our publication if you enjoy it -- we apprec
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Projects credited in
  • LayFullstop On Marriage, Faith and Music (Now on YouTube)
    LayFullstop On Marriage, Faith and Music (Now on YouTube)Birmingham-born and Manchester-based musician LayFullstop sat down with INTHEWRITERSMIND for an honest conversation ahead of the release of her new music. In this all-new interview, she reflects on the creative direction of her music videos, marriage and why her music journey is driven by faith. Watch the full video now on YouTube: Credits: Filmed by: Razeena Khan Nasra Hassan Chard Adio Daniella Ekundayo Set Design by: Katherine Messies Subtitled
  • Stories of Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace
    Stories of Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace'Why professionalism in the workplace is ableist' by writer Rebecca W Morris, joins a growing collection of articles we are curating from disabled, chronically and mentally ill people who experience ableism, setbacks and exclusion in the workplace due to their condition. We are opening up the space for more conversations about disability in the workplace, for both employees and employers alike, to take part in much needed development and understanding in this area. You can read Rebecca's art
Work history
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Subtitling media content for INTHEWRITERSMIND and advising about accessibility across investigative journalism and visual storytelling.
    CopywriterKnow Copywriting
    I have launched my own company as a copywriter. My clients are health professionals and artists. I specialise in writing copy about the arts, culture, mental health and global justice, reflecting my own background as an artist, theatre director and activist.
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    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    MastersCentral Saint Martins (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    My Masters was in Performance, Design and Practice. As part of this part time, 2 years Masters we collaborated to create multi-disciplinary theatre performances on European residencies; one in Italy and the other in Spain. It was here I began to become more interested in filmmaking, although I had previously made films that I incorporated into my theatre work. I was very interested in Jerez de la Frontera, the small city in Andalusia that we worked in for 3 months to make a collaborative theatre piece. I later returned there to do my own solo residency in my second year, making a film about the international flamenco community I got to know there.
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Glasgow
     - Glasgow, United Kingdom
    I did a joint honours English Literature and Theatre Studies degree, achieving a 2.1. It was here I began to develop my artistic and theatrical practice.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Vice Chancellors AwardUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    I won an award which paid for 50% of my fees for my Masters at Central Saint Martins.
    Talent Development FundCreative Scotland
    I won funding to pay my wage whilst working as an assistant director with Vanishing Point theatre.