Noise Versus Silence: Article for Those Who Were Dancing

  • Rebecca W Morris
  • Lydia Beardmore

I wrote about my troubled relationship with silence and noise, drawing from sound ecology and nature, music experimenting with silence, and the history of noise abatement societies in the urban space. This is only part one: Part 2 of this is about those who have had silence thrust upon them, looking at women in mythology and cloistered nuns. Follow Those Who Were Dancing to read more. Lydia Beardmore will be writing about festivals based on extensive research and field notes.

ID: Screenshot of article by Rebecca W Morris for the Those Who Were Dancing publication on Medium. The title is, "Noise Versus Silence: Part One", followed by the byline, "Rebecca W Morris writes about noise pollution and noise-resistance campaigns through history". Underneath is the picture of a wall of an anechoic chamber, which looks quite abstract: metallic-blue three dimensional spikes coming out of the wall. Underneath is a quote that reads, '"Until I die there will be sounds" by John Cage.'