I updated my website! If anyone is neurodiverse, or has visual impairments, I'd really appreciate feedback.


I tried to make it clear and put alt text wherever possible. However, the performance archive is a bit of a mess and needs some work, but the most important parts are the sections on my films and writing. Thank you!


  • @Stephanie Taralson Thank you very much! I may just well take you up on that and the same goes to you. I took on board what you said and made those changes today. Actually I wanted to redefine better what I do, so thanks for giving me the initiative to do it! Take care
  • @Rebecca W Morris Glad it was useful! I was thinking mostly of the Writing and Editing Services dropdown - the mixture of internal/external links in that menu is somewhat confusing, expecially when (I imagine) you're hoping to use those pages to help bring in paid work.

    Feel free to message if you ever need a sounding board. Good luck!
  • @Stephanie Taralson That is helpful! You are so right about the dropdown menus. Do you mean on the performance page? That is definitely a project for the future. I think it is overwheming for me too, haha.

    Thanks for the feedback about having too much information on the know/ no page. I see what you mean and I will attempt to rectify this soon. I really appreciate that. Bottomless task indeed!

  • Hi Rebecca! Just found your post when poking around The Dots for anything on neurodiversity. Congrats on updating your website - I always find that to be such a bottomless task. Looks like you've been working on some fantastic projects. :)

    Since you asked for feedback, two thoughts to share:
    1. I think the dropdown menus are a little overwhelming and those external links would be more meaningful if placed somewhere on the page where you can explain what they are about.
    2. On the page for your copywriting, the "Know / No" has so much info that it's tough to read. I would try shortening the text or using subheaders/more formatting.

    Hope that's helpful!

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