Musicians Resurrecting Silent Cinema in Andalusia: Cinetones

  • Rebecca W Morris
  • Lydia Beardmore

A documentary about Cinetones, which is a project of live music scores played over silent cinema, performed, conceived and preserved by Andalusian musicians Elena Jiménez and Manuel Méijome. The duo compose an original score for each film, working with other composers and musicians, including percussionist, Ismael Colón Garrido, who appears in this video. Presenting a variety of films, including early surrealist cinema, women pioneers of experimental film, and of course, Charlie Chaplin, Cinetones keep the towering ghosts of experimental cinema alive with meticulous attention to detail but also heart and humility. Cinetones screen their shows in the old music halls and theatres of Cádiz province, nestled in valleys, hilltops and coastal towns. Manuel and Elena, forming another group called El Domador de Medusas, hail from Jerez de la Frontera, a small city in southwestern Spain, Andalusia, known for flamenco, sherry and horses. In the interview they speak about their struggles of presenting an eclectic mix of international, avante-garde filmmakers, in a place that is largely concerned with the conservation of tradition. Filming, editing, interviewing, translation and subtitles by Rebecca W Morris Also published in my music publication, Those Who Were Dancing, co-edited by Lydia Beardmore: