Latest Those Who Were Dancing article by Lydia Beardmore

  • Rebecca W Morris
  • Lydia Beardmore

Those Who Were Dancing columnist Lydia Beardmore draws on her extensive research on UK festivals, giving us an insight into working behind the scenes at Glastonbury this year. Compelling, personal and super intimate. Please support our work and follow us at Those Who Were Dancing if you love this vibe! We are looking to expand, make zines and will fo sho be looking for future collaborators on this <3

A screenshot of the Those Who Were Dancing publication showcasing Lydia Beardmore's article, the title of which is, "Hi-vis jackets and comedown carbonara: working Glastonbury 2022". The subtitle reads, "Those Who Were Dancing columnist Lydia Beardmore gives us a review of working Glastonbury, inspired by field-notes from working at festivals over the years". Beneath is a panoramic view of the Glastonbury site at dusk and the first paragraph of the article, which can be found, read and listened to on the link posted above.