Design Museum Startup Essentials with Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Carolyn Dailey
  • Jaekwon Jego Shim

How do you turn a creative idea into a successful business? Discover the basics in starting up a business on this practical course.

What to expect

Curated by Creative Entrepreneurs, this three-part course will cover several essential aspects of setting up a creative business: how to network effectively, legal basics, and finance. Through seminar discussions led by experts and hands-on activities, participants will learn the skills and knowledge they need to begin to turn their creative ideas into business reality.
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Session One: How to Network
• Overview – what makes things happen today - the power of connection
• Preparation – defining goals, research, preparing marketing materials
• Networking in action – lay of the land, strategies & techniques
• Harnessing trust and reciprocity – cultivating long-term relationships
Session Two: Financial Basics for Creative Startups
• Accounting basics – information tracking and financial planning
• Tax basics – corporate tax overview, HMRC, VAT, SEIS
• Fundraising basics – friends and family, angel investment, startup loans (crowdfunding to be mentioned, but not covered in detail)
Session Three: Legal Basics for Creative Startups
• What are the common characteristics of creative industry businesses?
• Company basics - key considerations on setting up, organisation and share structures
• People basics – employees, freelancers and consultants how to incentivise and retain key creative individuals
• IP basics – IP overview, understanding what you own and how to exploit and protect it


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