Desires and Dreams research

  • Heidi Hinda Chadwick

Would you like to be a part of a new book project? I'm seeking folks to share some musings and thoughts and secrets about desires and dreams that one has had, has, and is having! If you'd like to collaborate with me then let me know! :-) Heidi Hinda The invitation: "Tell me about desire and I’ll tell you about mine. Paint a picture for me about your dreams and longings and I’ll paint you mine. Show me the world you created and I’ll show you mine. An invitation. To share. To whisper. To excavate and blow away the cobwebs of something once faded. To give voice to. To recall. To remember with fondness and kindness, or with regret and nostalgia. The courage to name. Who did you want to be when you grew up? What did you foresee for yourself in that enchanted, hopeful, or possibly nihilistic, way that our youth gifts us with? The time eternal. Everlasting. Infinite. I am collecting research and stories about our lost dreams and desires. I would love your voice and tales. At the limbo lands of becoming that midlife promises (if we are lucky to live and breathe that is!!), there is a transition point, a threshold to be crossed. Like in all good stories. I am curious about what we might need to leave behind now. Put down gently as its weight is not permissible, nor needed, as we step over the grates. What might need to be mourned and laid to rest? What may also need to be picked up and held aloft in defiance and renewed vigour and substance? Tell me your secret dreams and desires. Where do they live in you? How do they feel?"