Destiny 2 Beyond Light

  • Christian Mitchinson
  • Tom Stacey

When Bungie first presented their vision for Destiny 2 Beyond Light to us, we were excited. Yet their quandary was a familiar one: how could they reinvigorate lapsed players, without alienating the loyal core? Step one was presenting this as more than just an expansion: Beyond Light needed to signal a bold new era for the franchise. When the Destiny franchise was born it gave us an epic sense of endless galaxy-exploring possibilities. We wanted to recapture that emotion, taking Destiny back to its roots, but with a new darker, more mature tone. Working with Bungie as global lead creative agency in the year leading up to launch, we created a campaign that encapsulated the new direction and tone of the expansion. A series of mysterious tease-and-reveals got the community talking, before amplifying the campaign with our moodier look, cerebral brand voice, and impactful assets.

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