• Rory Farrell

An origami 'chatterbox' in the style of a diamond.

I was commissioned by German-based jeweller Rowena Murray to assist with the graphics of an inovative leaflet she devised, informing about diamonds, to be displayed at her shop. This leaflet took the form of a 'Chatter Box' -  an origami fortune teller.
The project ended up requiring a diamond artwork to occupy the 4 outer panels of the origami structure (marked pink in the diagram). I eventually came up with the diamond artwork below from scratch on Photoshop using a mixture of gradients and colourful segments of the fascists of the diamond.
The client had already worked on the project herself before contacting me; she provided the basic layout of text and all the illustrations. Not being a graphic designer she was initially expecting more of a basic 'tidy up' of the typesetting and layout. I highly recommended making it look more interesting with some background artwork which ultimately became the multicoloured, faceted diamond you see here.
I then formed a few colour variations of the inital final design.