Digital Marketing - CLICC

  • Lucy Duff

This entailed creating a social media content plan to promote a new venture by Indian Artisans, CLICC, a film streaming website to offer Indian artisans an income during Covid-19. Please click the following link, to read more about the new venture:

Completing this report taught me how to: - Select an appropriate pricing model and social media channel for my identified target market. - Generate insight from research into secondary data such as industry reports on trends. - Create a meaningful social media persona based on market segment analysis to inform content strategy. - Develop a creative social media content strategy to effectively target the identified persona. - Use key digital marketing models, such as Social Impact Theory (SIT) to make well-informed suggestions to help increase brand awareness. - Create creative social media example posts to engage with potential customers. - Analyse facilitators and barriers to adoption and critically evaluate the pros and cons of the social media content strategy using leading theories about social media communication.