Dinner For None - PETRIe Inventory

  • Alexia Planas Lee
  • Ema Kasper
  • Celina Bassili

"Dinner for None is quite a nod to surrealism, enhanced by photographer’s Ralph Whitehead rather painterly style. Together with stylist Alexia Planas Lee, he creates a series of tableaux, almost fairy-tale-looking images and abstract still lives, all in a cold and ethereal colour palette. A short surrealist story is born, with references to painters such as Magritte and De Chirico." TALENT: Drew Gregory at Models 1 PHOTOGRAPHER: Ralph Whitehead CONCEPT & STYLIST: Alexia Planas Lee SET DESIGNER: Celina Bassili LAYOUT EDITOR: Suleika Müller HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Ema Kasper