Divorced, Dating & Dentures - Jungle Creations & GSK

  • Anina Grostern
  • Decky Mc Gettigan

Client: Promote our denture seal brand to over 50s... Creatives:...... a dating show for people with dentures? Let's call it Divorced, Dating & Dentures (obviously). We found that the average age for divorce correlates with the average age for getting your first dentures. And Poligrip position themselves as the denture wearer's wingman to help you gain confidence to enjoy your life. So we came up with this 3-part dating shows where we got real denture wearers to meet with three unsuspecting individuals for a first date, while their chosen wingman watched on encouragingly. This was epic to make. We enlisted Mark Henderson, series producer of Channel 4’s Celebrity First Dates and the atmosphere on the shoot was electric (I'm now considering moonlighting as a professional matchmaker...). The series achieved the highest watch times on its distribution platform VT that year, and astounding engagements with viewers agreeing that their perceptions of dentures had changed dramatically.

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