Do I Contradict Myself? The Long and Short of It - IVS Alumni Show 2019

  • Wajeeha Abbasi

Wajeeha Abbasi (Batch of 2012) and Sharmeen Peshimam (Batch of 2007)​ Our work explores the concept of introspection through the four archetypes described in Carl Jung’s Map of the Soul. It focuses on our conscious curation of Self i.e. Persona and the Ego, and our unconscious complexity i.e. the Anima/Animus and the Shadow and our journey of finding the balance between them. All these elements are separate yet one, they make us who we are, and who we are learning to be every day. Contingent to one’s perspective, sometimes the ego wins out, sometimes the Anima or Animus, sometimes we let the Persona take control, and sometimes the Shadow takes over. We are someone different every day, yet still ourselves. A little run-down, a little contradictory, a little wiser. Created in collaboration with fellow Alumna Sharmeen Peshimam for the IVS Alumni Show 2019 titled 'The Long and Short of It' exhibited at IVS Gallery in August 2019. Curated by Emaan Rana, Halima Saad, Humayun Memon, Numair Abbasi and Shahzaib Arif Shaikh. 'Do I Contradict Myself' was also featured in 'Karachi Kai Nazaray' exhibition at the Creative Karachi Festival 2019 at Alliance Francaise de Karachi. ​Digital Illustration on lenticular film 6 x 8 inches - 40 pieces Year 2019