DofE/NCS Coordinator & Social Media Intern - JLGB

  • Brandon Boyd

Overview: Worked at Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade (JLGB) during my gap year before University from December 2016 to August 2017 and between May 2018 to August 2018 during the summer holiday! Duties: -During my role of Duke Of Edinburgh (DofE) Coordinator and National Citizen Service (NCS) Coordinator, I helped to run sessions for students taking part in the programme along with other administrative work such as replying to emails, answering phone calls and speaking face to face with customers and clients -Additional role of helping take control of social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat; creating and posting regular content -Adapted to a variety of different circumstances; worked with disadvantaged/special needs children as well as those that were mis-behaved -Extra responsibilities included liaising with other members of staff through a walkie-talkie/head set to ensure stages were set up properly, assisted with making tea and coffee and also carried lots of heavy equipment from the office to a variety of locations; used for the yearly events as well as the DofE expeditions and NCS programme