Domino's Pizzalentine's Day

  • Christy Luk

This project is a brief set by the YCN Award from the UKGreetings. UKGreeting is one of the largest direct to retail publisher of greeting cards and social expression products in the UK. This brief is to develop our own collection of greeting cards, notecards, notepads, gift bags and wrapping paper. Since I am a pizza-lover, I have narrowed the topic down into National Pizza Day which is on the 9th of February every year. And I noticed that Valentines’ Day is a few days after, then I am thinking about the word ‘Palentines Day’ for those who are single on that day. Then I thought of creating a new word for pizza lovers that area having pizzas on Valentines Day, “Pizzalentines Day” is the new Valentines Day. This is aimed at pizza lovers that are 18- 25 years old people that are single. The sending situation will be set for 14th February. So that people can send it to friends and families if they are spending the time alone. Also, I decided to collaborate with one of the most popular pizza delivery stores in the UK, Dominos in order to attract more people in different groups. In terms of the tone of voice and values, I would like to stick with Domino’s brand values which are putting customers the first and joyful all the time.