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Very excited for 2019 and what the art world has in-store for all of us. We wanted to give you an insight into the artists we have featured in our blogs and magazines. Hit the links to read the interviews we held with these individuals and about what inspires them.

A brand treasuring simplicity. MENU have a clear-cut philosophy; to ensure that the practice of simple, yet functional design with an incredibly refined finish is forever maintained. When perusing MENU’s works and collaborations with innovative architects and designers, on show are pieces that exude an ambient aura. Furniture and accessories alike create a seamless flow between each room, giving MENU a showstopping stamp in the world of interiors.
Kanghee Kim
Optical Illusions may seem outdated and even a bit ludicrous, to most, however Korean artist Kanghee Kim’s seamless blend of contrasting landscapes via her emotive imagery leaves viewers stunned.
Kengo Kuma
Set in the town of Odunpazari, Turkey, lies Kengo Kuma’s most recent architectural creation. Known for its historical timber market, Odunpazari, which translates to ‘wood market’ and where historical 19th-century Ottoman architecture defines the town, was the ideal spot for Kuma’s Modern Museum. With a rich cultural history which has placed it on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, Odunpazari is entering a new cultural era whilst simultaneously maintaining a deep integration of traditional practises.
Pulitzer Amsterdam
Where to begin with this gem of a boutique hotel. Situated in the UNESCO heritage-protected canals of Amsterdam, the Pulitzer can be found in one of the city's most upscale neighbourhoods and is an exceptional addition to the continuously rising luxury hospitaity scene. Comprised of 25 merged canal townhouses from the 17th and 18th centuries, the hotel showcases a unique and contemporary design whilst holding onto its rich history and timeless elegance.
Behind this stunning four-year project is none other than Jacu Strauss, creative director of the international hospitality firm Lore Group and lead architect and interior designer in the hotel's largest-ever renovation. The South-African native has an impressive list of experience, formerly senior designer at Tom Dixon's Design Research Studio in London where his works included other hospitality standouts such as the Sea Containers hotel in South Bank. 
We had the chance to sit down with Jacu and talk all about his past experiences, work for the Pulitzer and his love for the city of Amsterdam.
Closely observing a space that combines architecture and design, man and nature, the duo behind Haarkon, India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson have adventured on a greenhouse tour. Travelling the world to find the most spectacular greenhouse spaces - be it botanical gardens, orangeries or pavilions - they have published their Glasshouse Greenhouse book to share a curated collection of their best finds. The pair shared insights about their adventures, love for greenhouses and their HaarkonGreenhouseTour.
Six n Five Studio
Producing aesthetically stunning still life visuals and videos, the contemporary Barcelona-based design studio Six n Five caught our attention, and it’s clear why. Apart from working in the advertising, editorial and commercial fields, the studio also plays with experimental designs and techniques which are legitimising CGI [Computer-Generated Imagery] as the new creative medium. The man behind the studio, Ezequiel Pini, shared some details regarding his pioneering work to create poetic yet edgy compositions which are making a mark in the world of digital art.
Andrew Trotter
Holding a background in interior design, Andrew Trotter has an extensive range of experience, working for brands such as Anouska Hempel Designs before adventuring on his own to launch Openhouse Magazine in 2014, which has become an exceptional interior publication - sold in over 600 stores across the world. His first architectural project, a Puglia-based modern country house called Masseria Moroseta caught our eye for its aesthetic, stunning interior and story behind the design. Andrew shared all there was to know about his farmhouse standout.
Within your portfolio of works you have designed a beautiful hotel overlooking the Italian town of Otsuni, run the aesthetically pleasing Openhouse magazine and designed interiors for a number of stunning homes – where do you find the time and what drives you?
de Gournay
A pursuit to create exemplary interiors, de Gournay defines bespoke perfection. Not afraid of implementing vibrant and contrasting colours as well as patterns, the artisans behind the impeccable designs manage to create something unique and remarkable with each project. The family company, in business for more than 30 years, has become an established name in the world of interior design – and rightfully so. We’re in absolute awe of every single one of their wallpaper creations. PR Executive Harald Donoghue shared all his insights about the process regarding the creation of a signature de Gournay wallpaper.
Ricardo Bofill
Ricardo Bofill's name has become synonymous with the word, timeless. We celebrate 60 years of the architects’ works that span the globe with their utopian design and other worldly structure. As opposed to his peers, Bofill was successful in manifesting entities that exude a sense of fantasy and whimsy. Drenched in bright colours and overcome by twists and turns, each of his projects tells an elusive, and yet very apparent tale.
Andres Reisinger
The methods behind showcasing outstanding interiors are changing. Digital interiors are becoming increasingly popular and it is evident why. The ability to create one’s own ideal landscape is an opportunity many wouldn’t pass up! At the helm of this movement are some very talented designers, one of which is Andres Reisinger.
Jil Sander
Design and fashion often cross paths and when they do, the result can be breath-taking. Known for their conservative fits, neutral tones and high-quality materials, Jil Sander are a household name in the world of high-end fashion. The posthumous brand has collaborated with artist Linda Tegg to manifest a ‘green haven’ worthy of showcasing their latest collection, as seen at Salon del Mobile.
Karim Rashid
Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised Karim Rashid has, once again, penetrated the world of furniture with an iconic design and collaboration with SLIDE.
Responsible for the Konkord Stool in 2009, Blossy Sofa in 2010 and Juxt Pendant in 2012, Rashid has always been one to disrupt the norms where design is concerned. Each creation exudes a telling story of Karim’s own eccentricities – we are immersed in his personality and personal preference by way of his original take on modern furnishings.
Alex Chinneck
Designed by British sculptor Alex Chinneck for Milan Design Week, the piece has gained a momentous amount of traction, both domestically and globally. Scaling the 17-metre front of this classic structure is a cement zipper. What is revealed is a completely blank canvas that in-fact is illuminated when night falls.
Tala Studios
Making their stamp in the world of design and lighting, Tala have successfully penetrated the market place and are a household name amongst design-driven, modern home owners. Their LED lights look to evoke emotion and spark curiosity with their unique functionality and beautiful designs. Tala’s new open-plan work space set on the East London canals have created a haven for their eclectic work-force to push the brand forward. Based in London and New York, Tala are situated in design hubs, meaning that they are a part of global design weeks. Coupled with their environmentally focused company ethos, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Never mind the walls. If this furniture could talk, it would likely spill a saga or two! Founded by tastemakers Marko Yeo and Tawan Conchonnet, Noden is a Singapore-based boutique showcasing a handpicked range of exquisitely crafted vintage furniture, with a strong focus on original mid-century & Scandinavian modern design. A vast majority of the pieces are Danish modern classics of the 1950s, 60s and 70s – from popular icons to obscure rarities, the collection is comprehensive to the nth degree.
Adventure North
The thrill of Nordic adventure calls. We find ourselves drawn to that landscape of fjords, mountains and dancing lights; that topographical saga that begs to be devoured. If you’re looking to explore Scandinavia, Sweden is a fantastic place to start. Land of lingonberries, ABBA and Henning Mankel, Sweden offers a huge diversity of travel experiences that are bound to whet the appetite of any Viking voyager. Of the following hotels, may we simply say: Swede dreams are made of these.
There’s no denying the appeal of a good mystery. It was certainly intrigue that first drew us to the captivating work of Spanish photographer, Yosigo. (Of course, there’s also nothing quite like a mononym to add enigmatic value.) It should be of great testament to Yosigo’s distinctive aesthetic that it caught our eyes as we browsed through Instagram. What has easily become the most ubiquitous social media platform for up-and-coming creatives, Instagram can sometimes be a double-edged sword; its overloaded visual feed doesn’t make it easy for content to stand apart from the rest. Sitting pretty with roughly 55k followers however, Yosigo clearly isn’t failing to make an impression.

2019 Design Museum
We’ve loved the new Design Museum from the instant we set foot inside its gigantic, swooping atrium. Since its 2016 reopening, the museum has debuted a gamut of clever and engaging exhibitions, each one bringing us ever closer to understanding the essence of design. As faithful fans, we’ve revelled in it all. Always exciting, the exhibition programme for 2019 promises some particularly sensational stuff that is NOT to be missed.

Elephant West
Elephant. It’s not just in the room, it has become the room... and rather a mammoth one at that. Ok – so, it’s actually a building. The spirited visual culture fanatics behindElephant Magazine have just opened their first physical art space, Elephant West, which launched officially in November 2018. Designed by award-winning architecture studio, Liddicoat & Goldhill, the project space occupies a repurposed petrol station adjacent to Television Centre on Wood Lane. No stranger to a makeover, the formerly derelict structure also featured as the canvas of a ‘TV test card-inspired’ public art piece back in 2017. This latest transformation seems the natural next step. The new building encompasses a main project space, as well as a café-bar (aptly named Fuel), a workstation hub and a shop.

Established in 2013, Dubai and London-based architecture, interiors and design practice ANARCHITECT has already proved an intrepid explorer of contemporary modernism across the globe. Over the past five years, Founder, Jonathan Ashmore and Head of Creative Development, Militza Ashmore, have led their award-winning team to astonishing notoriety. In growing their accomplished and varied residential and commercial portfolio, the practice has secured numerous accolades, including very recently, one of the first RIBA certifications outside of the UK. Quite the force of architectural disrupt, (though perhaps the clue was in the name) ANARCHITECT has gained a reputation for eschewing traditional practises in favour of their signature contemporary fearlessness. We leapt at the chance to ask some burning questions about their approach and were delighted to hear back from Jonathan, the architect himself.

Storey Studios
We had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Storey and asked the important questions concerning StoreyStudio; an innovative studio based in the heart of east London specialising in set design and housing designers well versed in architecture, interior and graphic design, sculpture and textile design.
Charlotte Edey
Art is becoming an ever more diverse and inclusive space and at the helm of this dynamic movement are groundbreaking women such as Charlotte Edey. Through her mesmerising use of print, tapestries and ceramics, Charlotte brings her colliding worlds to a splendid and vivid light. Thralling through her work, you are witness to beautiful landscapes blended with Afrofuturism and complimented with a pastel palette. The undeniable sense of wonder and whimsy is immediately evoked and we wanted to delve into the inspiration behind Charlotte's art and what her fascinating and captivating pieces mean to her.

Tishk Barzanji
'My interest in the arts as a career wasn't something planned. I came in to it through an unfortunate moment in my life. I was ill for a year, with Migraine vertigo mixed with anxiety. It was at that point I had to take a step back and revaluate my ambitions. I went back to basics, explored my passion for art by researching and documenting my surroundings for two years. I took baby steps until I was fully committed to creating work for myself.'
See full interview here:
ALL & NXTHING is a London-based interior design studio headed up by creative director Stephen Nash. Prioritising individuality in their designs and working closely with talented architects, makers, and craftsmen, ALL & NXTHING create the most unique spaces for their clients. Known for their creative use of both modern and reclaimed textures, Stephen and his team helps to retain honest character within the spaces they curate whilst making sure style and comfort aren't overlooked. Their projects span a variety of living, work and commercial spaces across London, each of which is approached with reverent, eagle-eyed attention to detail.

Chiara Zonca
Chiara Zonca is an amazing photographer who captures landscapes and the beauty of nature in a unique, subtle and yet bold way. Having recently released a new book,Desert Portraits, and with exciting projects planned for 2019, we were thrilled at the opportunity to get to know more about Chiara and her fascinating work!
Calvin Seibert
Architecture at its truest form can be deemed as a type of expression. Structures stem from the mind of an architect who have envisioned something they wish people to see and a lot of the time, evoke positive emotions. The concept of said structures only being temporary may come as a disheartening thought to many, but when they are made out of sand; do you really have the luxury of thinking otherwise? Calvin Seibert doesn’t seem to mind. Residing in New York, he takes himself down to the beach and creates these brutalist inspired sandcastles that seem to resemble a futuristic haven. 
Sofi Tukker
It’s 2018, so whether you like it or not, you know you’ve ‘done good’ if Apple picks your song to soundtrack the first ever talking poop emoji… as well as the entire ad for their long-awaited iPhone X. Sofi Tukker’s single Best Friend was the perfect choice. It’s a peppy blend of cool, tropical sounds punched out with percussive cowbells, horn stabs and a baseline as infectious as the band’s sunny disposition.
Felicia Simion
Felicia Simion is a 23-year-old photographer and re-toucher based in Bucharest, Romania. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Video, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology and Folklore at the University of Bucharest. Her series Not From Here combines both fields of study, appealing to the young artist’s curiosity as well as delivering striking photographic visuals. She describes and analyses her time spent taking self-portraits around the French seaside town Deauville in order to capture these captivating, surreal imagery.