Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 04

  • Natasha Wells
  • Alexandra Ehrensperger
  • Luke Edge

Dedicating our Ibiza 2020 issue to some of this amazing work, we look at how sustainability, innovation and collaboration is creating real solutions to preserve the islands beauty for many years to come.

Never has it been so apparent that we exist in a delicate ecosystem that must be respected and preserved if future generations are to recognise the world as we know it. It is our collective responsibility to portect our planet, move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and adopt more eco-conscious alternatives.

Over the last few years the voice for action has been getting stronger among Ibiza's community, with the island noticeably struggling to cope with the huge rise in its population every season. Thankfully there is a growing group of individuals and initiatives championing for real change. From upcycling of single-use-plastics, to sustainable-tourism solutionts and greener food production, Ibiza is taking centre stage in the battle to reduce our impact on the planet.