Donald Dahmer

  • Ernest Wereko

Donald Dahmer is a collection of poems by South London-born artist, Rhea Dillon. Dillon’s poems take the form of fluid and fragmented musings; understandings and misunderstandings; and conscious and less conscious textual processes attached to her research-driven conceptual practice and personal experiences. Taking inspiration from Marilyn Manson and his band, the title of the publication, Donald Dahmer, is a cultural portmanteau that nods towards the murkiness of icons and iconography. The title references the first and surnames of the two contemporary figures: Donald Trump and Jeffrey Dahmer. Author: Rhea Dillon Published by: V.O Curations Design: Ernest Wereko Copy Editor: Kate Wong Language: English Pages: 76 Size: 20 x 12 cm Softcover ISBN: 978-1-8384479-1-5 Publication Date: November 2021