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Ernest Wereko

Graphic DesignLondon, United Kingdom
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Ernest Wereko

Graphic DesignLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Website: A Graphic Designer based in Central London. With proficiencies across photography and front–end development, Ernest uses his skillsets to explore all the potential that can be communicated through digital. His emphasis is always on extrapolating the best, most primal opportunities through research and dialogue. He pursues the concept over any one, personal aesthetic. To that end, Ernest always exposes himself to other lateral disciplines and processes. He is eager to offset the design axiom; which is digital, and push through the physical craft and beyond.
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Projects credited in
  • (random) co:jams: How IAM & Tate are exploring the futures of museums
    We had the opportunity to team up with Tate to build on our shared interest in the futures of arts and museums. Here, you can get a taste of how this collaboration came about and how, together, we brought an agile, experimental approach to questions around youth, arts and institutions in the internet age, in the form of our open-ended collaboration: (random) co:jams. To read the full story, have read of the article on IAM Journal.
  • Nationwide Degree Show: The Gravity Road Curation
    The Nationwide Degree Show is a collection of work from art & design students, who's final year shows have been cancelled due to COVID19. What started as an initiative by Fresh Meet to plaster billboards across the UK with student work, has now resulted in an online collection of over 1000 submissions from over 100 universities and 17 creative disciplines. The Curation Series is a programme of student work selected by industry leaders, creative pioneers and trendsetters. Below you will find a s
  • Wiip Curated Showcase - Ernest Wereko
    Ernest Wereko is a designer who engages in a breadth of creative & visual possibilities. With BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, his process moves from Graphic Arts, to Creative Strategy & Front-end development. A dynamic individual with an earnest attitude to match. He is looking for an opportunity to push Design Communication & enterprise. WIIP CURATED SHOWCASE FEATURE & FREE 12-MONTH WIIP SUBSCRIPTION For your chance to be featured in Wiip Curated Showcase and access a FREE 12-month PRO Wiip subs
  • Late At Tate
    Tate Britain open its doors after-hours for a series of events run by young people. I assist on a regular basis contributing to programming, producing digital content, and assisting with the running of a section of the event.
  • Connecting Young People and Galleries to Spark Change
    Circuit was a national programme for 15–25 year olds, led by Tate and funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. From 2013-17, ten galleries worked in partnership with youth organisations, aiming to create opportunities for a more diverse range of young people to engage with art in galleries. Circuit highlighted the importance of the arts and youth sectors working as allies to champion positive change for young people.
  • Stanley Picker Gallery
    Yemi Awosile Orishirishi 4 May – 15 July 2017 Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to announce Yemi Awosile’s first solo exhibition, Orishirishi. Appointed Stanley Picker Design Fellow in 2015, Awosile has developed a new body of research that casts a lens on the insatiable desire to maintain a sense of place and ownership over one’s identity through outward public personas. The title of the show is a Nigerian (Yoruba) word taken from Awosile’s family tribe’s vocabulary, loosely meaning ‘an assortm
Work history
    Collective MemberTENT x TATE
    Rotterdam, NetherlandsFull Time
    For two special weeks, Tate and TENT got together to form a collective: the aim of this collaboration was to question what exchange meant in a none hierarchical context. As a thematic, we began to reference systems - as a principle or procedure in which something is done. Beginning to actively think of life as an extended metaphor whereby every substance and living organism is cultivated by a system.
    Tate collective ProducerTATE
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Tate Collectives aims to connect young people to art and culture at Tate/ Circuit Tate. Aimed at the 16- 25 age demographic, our goal is to celebrate young people’s art and ideas through free events, workshops, festivals and resources in the galleries and online.
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  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Visual Arts
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Adobe Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Aftereffects
  • Typograhphy
  • Content Curation
  • Digital Design
  • Code
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignWillem de Kooning Academie
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Erasmus study abroad exchange programme
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignFalmouth University
    Falmouth, United Kingdom
    Falmouth University is a specialist University for the creative industries based in Falmouth and Penryn, Cornwall, England.
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