Nationwide Degree Show: The Gravity Road Curation

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The Nationwide Degree Show is a collection of work from art & design students, who's final year shows have been cancelled due to COVID19. What started as an initiative by Fresh Meet to plaster billboards across the UK with student work, has now resulted in an online collection of over 1000 submissions from over 100 universities and 17 creative disciplines. The Curation Series is a programme of student work selected by industry leaders, creative pioneers and trendsetters. Below you will find a selection of student work curated by Gravity Road, by the founder, Mark Boyd.

Gravity road is a multi award winning agency, with offices in London and New York, that combines the worlds of advertising & entertainment in progressive ways to produce trend setting work. Their clients range from Netflix to Sainsbury's and they are the only company ever to win a film BAFTA for a brand.

Founder Mark Boyd and senior creative Sophie Cullinane have been scouring the submissions to choose the best up and coming talent, in advertising and graphic design, for this curation.

#1 - Eleanor Spickett

The first piece chosen for this curation is this execution by Eleanor Spickett.
Eleanor Spickett, University of Central Lancashire

Eleanor writes "The sun is the traditional way of telling the time. Aperitivo, pre meal drinks with the ones that matter most to us, as the sun goes down. Telling time via the sun to indicate ‘Martini Time’. Keeping tradition and friendships alive with Martini."

#2 - Jack Brodie

The second work chosen for this curation is this piece by Jack Brodie.
Jack Brodie, MSc Creative Advertising, Edinburgh Napier.

Jack tells us "50% of the population in Gaza are children. The bombing continues yet coverage has declined. The work shines a light on the difficulties of being a child within the region. "It's hard to be a kid when your playground's a war zone."

#3 - Josie Hales

The third piece selected for this curation is this interactive work by Josie Hales.
Josie Hales, Graphic Communication and Illustration, Loughborough University.

Josie says "For this project, my aim was to increase the public’s awareness of autism to ensure that all autistic people are suitably supported, understood and appreciated for who they are.  To make my poster campaign interactive I have used a red filter effect with red filter glasses. This technique allows the viewers to sympathise with how an autistic person may be feeling, with the idea of the overwhelming and overloaded composition, but as soon as the glasses are put on the powerful message appears, explaining briefly the difficulties someone with autism goes through each day."

#4 - Chosh

The fourth piece selected for this curation is this mocked up print advert by Chosh.
Chosh, Advertising, University for the Creative Arts.

Chosh writes "A mockup print advert for Durex."

#5 - Isabella Loughlin

The fifth piece chosen for this curation is this work by Isabella Loughlin.
Isabella Loughlin, University of Central Lancashire.

Isabella says "Construction work has become the deadliest profession in the UK. The long hours, poor working conditions, unsteady employment and the overly masculine culture, is helping push two workers a day over the edge. Destruction Workers is a social awareness campaign created to shed light on the suicidal rates of men in the profession."

#6 - Harry Warman

The sixth work chosen for this curation is this inflatable wayfinding piece by Harry Warman.
Harry Warman, Graphic design, Kingston University.

Harry writes "Inflatable London is a project that aims to put wasted roofspaces to good use. By using the hot air expelled from rooftop airconditioning units, fabric windsocks become giant inflatable wayfinding for the capital. From directions to the circle line to where to find your nearest pharmacy, this project aims to revolutionize how we navigate the city."

#7 - Harriet Davey

The seventh work chosen for this curation is this 3D rendered piece by Harriet Davey.
Harriet Davey, Graphic Design, Kingston School of Art.

Harriet tells us "This is the main character concept design for the publication of my 3rd year dissertation. I built an Unreal Engine interactive 'game' experience in which the viewer navigates a simulated world, (controlling this character) in search of a series of mirrored simulacrum objects that speak excerpts of my thesis alongside submissions from fellow artists, thinkers, and writers."

#8 - James Sheard

The eighth piece selected for this curation is this typface designed by James Sheard.
James Sheard, BA(Hons) Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University.

James says "Display typeface Castle, and accompanying type specimen, was inspired by Welsh history. It references these visually through exaggerated serifs as well as Wales' rich Industrial Revolution which is shown through the block type style."

#9 - Kristen Wong

The ninth piece chosen for this curation is this illustrative UI/UX design piece by Kristen Wong.
Kristen Wong, Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University

Kristen tells us "In every Chinese household, there has to always at least have this one, probably oddly suspicious-looking, medication or relief that your mother seems to brand as some sort of magical all-cure — but really, what exactly are they and are they legitimately what your mother claims to say it's for? Chinese Witch Brews is a web guide of commercialized traditional Chinese medicine and remedies for the modern generation aiming to extend its relevance, especially for second-generation (and beyond) Chinese immigrants through deeper understanding of what they are."

#10 - Oskar Walin

The tenth piece chosen for this curation is this sculptural piece by Oskar Walin.
Oskar Walin, Manchester School of Art.

Oskar tells us "This project was made in support of the Save Ryebank Fields campaign. Ryebank is a plot of land owned by my university that they now want to sell to property devopers. Each of the trees represent a tree at risk at Ryebank and I got staff and students to help me assemble them and sign the petition. The trees are made out of recycled greyboard and screenprinted with existing petitions."

#11 - Daniel Brooks

The eleventh piece chosen for this curation are these illustrative book covers by Daniel Brooks.
Daniel Brooks, Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University.

Daniel writes "The trilogy of books depicts Moby Dick, Captain Blood and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn through illustrations of the water that the book is based around. The books are screen printed on to a fabric hardback cover thats colour represents the waters depth."

#12 - Ernest Wereko

The twelfth work selected for this curation is this piece by Ernest Wereko.
Ernest Wereko, Graphic Design, Falmouth University.

Ernest says "Poster work for a student portfolio review (Falmouth University+Design Museum). The visual idea is based on the concept of reveal from a Graphic Design context."

#13 - Agata Tomaszek

The thirteenth work selected for this curation is this minimalist collage by Agata Tomaszek.
Agata Tomaszek, Graphic design, De Montfort University.

Agata writes about this work "The project was to brand the waterside area in Leicester which goes through the regentrification process. It highlights its industrial character, also through using traditional letterpress typography."

#14 - Harvey Chessells

The final piece selected for this curation is this bookcover design by Harvey Chessells.
Harvey Chessells, Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University'

Harvey says "I have a hunger for visual identity, publication design and typography. Focusing on research, materials and production allows me to create outcomes are highly detailed and rationally intricate."
You can find more talent from all of our submissions to the Nationwide Degree Show or through the Fresh Meet profile.
You can also visit the artists of this curation in the project credits below.


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