Doors of Opportunity

  • Kat Zawadzki

12 doors. 12 authors as inspiration. 12 artists open to opportunity. 12 beautiful artworks that make for inspirational meeting spaces, and interesting conversations. – Hill+Knowlton Strategies In July 2019 I was selected as one of 12 diverse emerging female artists from around the UK to create original artwork that brings the stories of the authors on H+K Strategies' meeting room doors to life. My commissioned piece presents George Eliot, who is a fascinating subject. She received an education due partly to the fact her family considered her ‘not much of a beauty’. Thank goodness! She was complex, critical and wholly compelling.

In this illustration she holds the German text of The Essence of Christianity that she translated in 1854. This event lead her to question her faith and thus alienated her from her family, but if you look closely you can see a chaffinch on the English oak branches, which is a symbol of her chosen family. Eliot was an advocate for the beauty of the Midlands and likewise I am an advocate for her own beauty; loveliness found in what others have described as modest plainness.

This illustration was produced using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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