DOPA - The Department of Pro-Activeness

  • Alex Normanton
  • Petra Eriksson
  • keelan doyle

This brand was set up to embrace positivity, built upon simple shapes to enable creativity to be injected into it. A monogram features all the letters of the flexible identity which becomes visual language, a container for photography and creative contributors expression. How can we (people within the creative industry) keep our minds free from negativity, doubt, fear and self-sabotage? How can we start to speak positivity into the negative thoughts that disrupt our creative minds on a daily basis? We need to talk more about these mental barriers. We need to give practical advice, tools, support and encouragement to the industry and facilitate the future generation. The sustainability of the creative industry relies upon looking after its people, avoiding burn-out and giving them tools to unlock creative mental success. Have a listen on Spotify & spread the word!