• Gerry Human
  • Christine Jones
DOVE® has long been Ogilvy & Mather’s fl agship account, and we’re hugely proud of the achievements we’ve made together. Since the conception of the Campaign for Real Beauty in 2003, we’ve evolved the DOVE® brand whilst still staying true to DOVE®’s mission to make all women feel beautiful.
Ten years on, the Campaign for Real Beauty lives alongside women in a very different age. Our lives are documented digitally and socially, and every minute is photographed and chronicled. This creates new beauty anxieties. A study into this showed that having your photo taken ranked as a bigger anxiety than public speaking (56% to 47%) and 72% of women said they disliked how they looked in photos.
Through a deep understanding of female behaviours, the creative solution became simple and powerful in its execution. A documentary style approach was taken to capture grown women’s real reactions to the camera vs the reactions of little girls. While the girls positively welcomed acting up to camera, women ran and hid from the lens. Online fi lm ‘Camera Shy’ was born. We asked, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?”.
Results: The fi lm received over 57m views in just 4 weeks*. As of July this year, total estimated media impressions were at 157,924,966. ‘Camera Shy’ won a Gold Lion for Film at Cannes in 2013.