• sam sheterline
ODD, together with long-standing client, Dr. Martens have produced multi-award winning campaigns over the last four years. The latest #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign builds on this heritage.


We were asked to build on the success of the #firstandforever campaign with a new global brand communications platform that would put the brand’s wearers at its heart, whilst driving engagement and growth across all digital and social channels. The answer was simple: celebrate characters who feel the brand is a symbol of self-expression and individuality and initiate a conversation with customers old and new.

The ODD Solution

Dr. Martens is a brand steeped in cultural relevance and it has always appealed to those that want to be different.
With the current economic and social backdrop lending itself to people wanting to use the way they dress as a way of expressing their own culture, identity and beliefs, it seemed the perfect opportunity for Dr. Martens, the original British icon of subversion, to ask: What do you stand for?
The result was an integrated global campaign with a catchy, shareable war cry. Launching with a rousing film, #standforsomething charts the history of Dr. Martens and its cross-generational and sub-cultural appeal. Energetic 30 and 90 second films featuring moving portraits of just some of the brand’s wearers were seeded online and within a bespoke Facebook app.
Delivering engagement across digital and social channels, the content rich campaign acted as the launch of a two-year communications platform and a true testament to the popular cross-cultural reach of one of Britain’s favourite brands.

Beautiful Effectiveness

Smashing targets, we delivered yet another successful and award-winning campaign, combining vibrant, diverse creative with a genuine connection to the consumer and contributing to the brand’s most successful sales month in its history.
  • 30% sales uplift by March 2014
  • 500% over-delivery of target impressions
  • 75k film views