Drinkaware - Excuses

  • Rod Broomfield
  • Marta Carvalho
  • Leslie Watts
Drinkaware, an alcohol awareness charity, have a unit calculator to let you know if you're drinking too much.

Unfortunately, the very people who could benefit from using it, don't realise they need to.

Telling 35+ professionals who drink at home that they are 'binge drinking' would simply make them reject the message. It's a sensitive subject so we had to be really careful how we approached it.

The key was to get them to self-identify, by making them realise just how often they reach for the bottle.

Executions, in press and online, subtly and ironically juxtaposed pairs of typical excuses to demonstrate just how easy it is to find an excuse for another drink. 250,000 people visited the 'MyDrinkaware' page to find out more about the calculator and 108,000 signed up to it. 15,000 people entered our Facebook competition and shared the most overused excuses for a drink.