Drip the Drop-Wateraid Campaign

  • Gabriela Grozavu
  • Shazia Ismael

This animation (W.I.P.) represents a starting point for a campaign for the WaterAid Camping "Thirsty World". "Drop", the main character is the personification of our water mass consumption, when comparing to the Third World countries. The aim of the claymation is to make people more aware of this serious problem and act upon it by being more conscious about their water usage and hopefully to donate for the cause.

This is the Rotoscope of the animation which follows the story of "Drop" which after each water consumption grows bigger and bigger. In the end, he is confronted with the tragical situation that people who don't have access to clean water are facing and decided to help them.
This is the begining scene shown as an example of the atmoshpere, the look and the colours the animation is gonna have.

Here is a scene which shows Drop Growing