Gabriela Grozavu

Gabriela Grozavu

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Gabriela Grozavu

Gabriela Grozavu

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My practice ranges from hand-drawn illustration and graphic design to animation. I prefer hand-made work as I think it holds the promise of uniqueness and communicates more meaning. My method is both abstract and commercial, my style is versatile and textured. As one of my role models, Agnes Denes, said: “Art is a reflection on life and an analysis of its structure. As such, art should be a great moving force shaping the future.” I believe that art and design can challenge convention, inspire action, ignite movement, build communities and heal us.
  • Editorial Moving Image
    Editorial Moving ImageI made these little videos for a series of articles with advice on how to upgrade your skills in things like writing, running, how to organize your meals and to be more financially organized.
  • Students vs. Gentrification Workshop
    Students vs. Gentrification WorkshopIn collaboration with F.A.T Studio we ran a discussion about gentrification and how we could take action against it. The discussion led to many drawings, a collaborative zine and a beautiful range of bespoke call-to-action tote bags.
  • Animation/Giffs about nature
    Animation/Giffs about natureThe main idea of those moving images is based on the relationship between humans and nature as well as environmentalism and suitability.
  • Drip the Drop-Wateraid Campaign
    Drip the Drop-Wateraid CampaignThis animation (W.I.P.) represents a starting point for a campaign for the WaterAid Camping "Thirsty World". "Drop", the main character is the personification of our water mass consumption, when comparing to the Third World countries. The aim of the claymation is to make people more aware of this serious problem and act upon it by being more conscious about their water usage and hopefully to donate for the cause.
  • Newsletter Illustrations for school during the Pandemic
    Newsletter Illustrations for school during the PandemicI was commissioned to illustrate the beginning of the school year which is gonna be different this time.
  • We need Sexual Education in Romania
    We need Sexual Education in RomaniaThis series of collages are made for an article which emphasises the need for a law that includes Sexual Education in Romanian schools. The article can be found here
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Projects credited in
  • Team London Bridge x London College of Communication
    Team London Bridge x London College of CommunicationStudents on our Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) course have partnered with Team London Bridge as part of their Rewilding Project. Working with 400 local organisations Team London Bridge is a Business Improvement District that supports innovative sustainability initiatives.
  • Like Real Life
    Like Real LifeHow often are you on your phone? Scrolling through Instagram, Tapping through Snapchat stories, hours spent on Youtube? This project focused on bringing one back to the reality of real life, even if that means for a short amount oftime. It was a group project in which we all startedby tracking our own screen usage. We then came up with a speculative solution for the problem, to introduce a device (The Dot) that while at a restaurant all signals are cut meaning that you are able to enjoy the mom
  • 1 Week to go - Graduate Futures Week (15-18 April 2019)
    1 Week to go - Graduate Futures Week (15-18 April 2019)There's now just one week to go until Graduate Futures Week - UAL's week of industry led talks, workshops, one-to-one advice and networking opportunities. This year’s programme will take place across UAL Colleges from 15-18 April 2019 and there are 46 events; all designed to help you to prepare for employment and self-employment. Event highlights include: - Do What You Want: Make Your Job, Don’t Take a Job! - Lumen: The Power of a Collective - Future-proof: Preparing for the Future for Wor
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Work history
    Illustrator/AnimatorDecât o Revistă
    RomaniaFull Time
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Student AmbassadorUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    •Representing and promoting UAL at higher education fairs • Giving presentations about my practice and experience at University • Offering information about application process and student finance
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