Like Real Life

  • Shazia Ismael
  • Gabriela Grozavu

How often are you on your phone? Scrolling through Instagram, Tapping through Snapchat stories, hours spent on Youtube? This project focused on bringing one back to the reality of real life, even if that means for a short amount oftime. It was a group project in which we all startedby tracking our own screen usage. We then came up with a speculative solution for the problem, to introduce a device (The Dot) that while at a restaurant all signals are cut meaning that you are able to enjoy the moment and create physical memories while taking a break from your screen. Project by Anushka Ansal, Bill Li, Gabriela Grozavu, Marc Belteky and Shazia M M Ismael

Personal Tracked Data of phone usage
Initial Idea Sketches
Final Idea Sketches