Dry January for BrewDog x Shoreditch Design

Hey, here's an animation I worked on for BrewDog for their Dry January campaign, showing their wide range of AF beers. . Studio: Shoreditch Design ( www.shoreditchdesign.com ) Creative Direction: Tim Lane Animation: Liam Curzai & Ryan Knight CGI: Yours truly, me.

Words from Creative Boom Article: Here

Shoreditch Design and BrewDog have partnered together on past projects, but Design Director Tim Lane told Creative Boom that he wanted this newest animation to feel different from its previous collaborations. Rather than following in the footsteps of past Brewdog animations, which leant into a stop-frame style, Lane and his team went a different direction, aiming to set Brewdog's AF range apart from the crowd while showing off its taste and little-known history.

"We tell the history of alcohol-free beer, using kinetic type and playing with the idea of BrewDog being the first brewery to make alcohol-free beer that actually tastes good. All with a very BrewDog-type attitude," Lane told Creative Boom.