'duality' in 'I Am A Woman' Shado Magazine's Global Womxnhood

  • Ilayda McIntosh

“duality” /djuːˈalɪti/ Noun * - an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. Being a woman is often an ongoing balancing act. It’s about understanding that strength coexists with vulnerability. It’s about understanding that you are the architect of your femininity, however you choose to express it. It’s about outgrowing the rigid constructs of what a woman is, and remoulding it. In a society which constantly seeks to pit women against one another, part of being a woman is understanding that you exists amidst a global sisterhood, which simultaneously unites, and empowers. Super excited to have collaborated with Shado Magazine once again as part of their latest exhibition, titled ‘Global Womxnhood’. 20 female photographers from around the globe, photographed a single image which personally describes womxnhood through their lens. The London edition of ‘Global Womxnhood’ was displayed on 11th September 2019, at HartsLane. Prints are also available to purchase from the link attached.