DUCKiE Magazine

  • Faaria Khan
  • Courtney Delaney
Brief: To create an independent magazine in collaboration with Stack Magazine Subscriptions.
Editors: Myself, Courtney Delaney & Millie Anscombe.
The outcome: DUCKiE. An all-inclusive independent magazine aimed at 16-25yr old men, that explores topics that are usually ignored by the stereotypical 'macho' magazines currently on the shelves.
Catering to men interested in art, culture, fashion and current events. With a lighthearted tone and sense of humour.
A soft colour palette with candid imagery, contemporary styling and fun, conceptual art direction.
The title of our first issue is "PAiNFULLY AVERAGE". As our aim was to be the opposite of GQ, we wanted to highlight the importance of boys being able to feel good in their own skin, that it's alright to have issues, it's okay to not be the best at everything. It's ok to be painfully average.
Our first consumer profile was based on our introverted, artsy consumer that spends their time with a coffee cup in their hand and a pencil behind their ear.
Our second consumer profile was based on our goofy, fun-loving consumer that has a penchant for the retro side of life and not taking their dress sense too seriously.
An important part of DUCKiE is the fact that we wanted to open the floor for topics that most men don't speak about, such as mental health, acne, societal pressures, etc.
We also spoke to local Nottingham band, Silver Wilson, about life as a band and their hopes for the future. Something that was important to us was showcasing an individual or a group of guys that pursued an 'unconventional' career in every issue, so that our readers felt they had some career inspiration and guidance.