Eat Work Art In Residence: Creative Advice from Home

  • Aisha Maggio
  • meysam dalir
  • Rowena Soons

Eat Work Art introduces a virtual campaign with advice and practices from residents from the safety of their home. The first was WELLNESS: It helps to focus on the things you can control and ensure you are taking time for your wellbeing as we all adjust to the new normal, including our sleep hygiene and daily routines. Maintaining good health, exercising and incorporating regular bedtimes during the week will help give you the best chance of feeling rested and happy. Bess Shipside, Yoga Practitioner at The Well Garden notes: “In this full spectrum of lockdown, some of us may find ourselves with more time and financial constraints. There are many things we can do from home to aid the psychological and emotional impact of the pandemic. Offering yourself a snippet of time to reconnect and rest is essential." Ariadne Kapsali, Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher at The Well Garden, has shared her advice on simple yoga practices during times of change. Watch the video below to find out her top tips for home yoga and relaxation.