Elena & Jessica

  • Joanna Kudryńska

Very much appreciate what the platform that published this editorial stands for. In their own words: “Pornceptual is an art project that wants to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered art. We believe that art (and sex) should be an open experience. This is also a way of creating new possibilities of representation of the human body. The usual body representations in commercial pornography or even in most works described as «erotic art» are very limited. So here is an alternative for commercial porn, a product that is not only completely monotonous and predictable, but also sexist and plastic. Pornceptual is an open space for everyone that’s interested in facing the real and sexual side of the human body. Far from being based on social acceptable concepts, we are looking to find original meanings to what does sexuality and pornography mean. Expand your gastronomic sexual horizons and get away the conventional western culture’s menu. Avoid the boring kitchen of normality. Sex is everywhere, hidden even in the most conservative corners of our society.” And my favourite line of theirs: “Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?” Photography: Joanna Kudryńska / @joanna_kudrynska Models: Jessica Xavier & Elena Uvarova / @jessicamoonxavier @_lyala_ MUA: Steph Devlin / @steph_devlinx Fashion: Maenad / @maenadlondon