Joanna Kudryńska

Joanna Kudryńska

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Joanna Kudryńska

Joanna Kudryńska

ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Balbina
  • Sonia
    SoniaFemale ​b​ody ​h​air. A stigma, taboo, a social faux pas. Even in circles that pride themselves on self expression – that brand​ish​ their rejections of cultural conventions – the idea of female body hair remains largely uncontested. An almost universal symbol of the societal mis​fi​t. So much is female body hair unaccepted that women have internalised this as a default beauty standard. Removing body hair has long been associated with being neat, well-maintained, and sexualy desirable. Speaking
  • Frankie
    FrankieFashion editorial shot in East London, storyline built around emotions of an adolescent and rather unexperienced model on set. Clothing is a selection from Steventai, Vetements, Calvin Klein, Maxine, Bloch, Agent Provocateur & Longshaw Ward. Photography: Joanna Kudryńska / @joanna_kudrynska Styling: Emily Evans / @mrsemilyevans Model: Frankie Kuczynska / @frankiekuczynska / @lindenstaub MUA: Nadia Pistorello / @nadielan Hair: Andrew Chen / @androoochn Stage Manager: Erika Siabatto / @
  • Wanda & Aia
    Wanda & AiaFashion editorial shot in Warsaw, clothing by local designers. Photography: Joanna Kudryńska / @joanna_kudrynska Styling: Natalia Wandachowicz / @nettie.official Models: Aia Asé & Wanda Doda / @aiaase MUA: Anna Piechocka / @by_catnel Styling: Natalia Wandachowicz / @nettie.official Hair: Mariusz Czech / @marii_usz8
  • Adolescence
    AdolescenceThere is a specific moment in-between childhood and womanhood in being a female teenager I’ve been drawn to visually for years. Attracted to coexisting opposites (which prove to not always be a contradiction) and impossible to categorise states I find here a particularly interesting mix: awakening adult sexuality & child-like cluelessness, the need of self-expression together with the need to hide, wanting care and to be independent, wishing to belong while you really don’t, playfulness & nost
  • Elena & Jessica
    Elena & JessicaVery much appreciate what the platform that published this editorial stands for. In their own words: “Pornceptual is an art project that wants to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered art. We believe that art (and sex) should be an open experience. This is also a way of creating new possibilities of representation of the human body. The usual body representations in commercial pornography or even in most works described as «e
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