Elmsfeuer Mexikaner

  • Verena Bublak

Identity Design and marketing concept for a gift kit of Hamburg's cult drink

Brief – Mexikaner can be described as a modern Bloody Mary, which is meanwhile widely popular in the pubs of Hamburg – distinctively hot and spicy. This self-initiated project tries to find a creative solution to make the drink famous far from the Nordic capital. Besides that it tries to address the purpose of a gift kit.
Insight – The project tries to solve a social dilemma. On one side we don’t want to show up on a party with empty hands but otherwise we can’t always find time to prepare something special and unique. This project seeks out for an easy solution to give someone a treat by buying a gift that responds to people’s individual preferences.
Idea – The Self Made Kit contains three bottles that can be combined at home to the ready mixed drink - Korn, a spicy juice based on tomatoes, and chilli sauce. Consumers are able to control alcohol content and heat which makes it distinctive to other ready mixed drinks you can find I the supermarket. Its artisanal appearance makes it a perfect gift for parties of birthday present.

Published by designmadeingermany.de, February, 2016