elrow Town London Festival 2017 - 2020

  • Rebecca Whitman
  • Ollie Drew
  • Ezra Damiano d'Andria
  • Omar Thorne

elrow Town London festival is a 25k capacity one day festival that takes place in Trent Park in North London in late August each year. elrow Town is a full-blown immersive experience of music, dance, theatre, puppetry, SFX, experimental performance and themed set builds. The festival values creative production on the same level of importance as the line up, every year expanding and diversifying by pushing boundaries with bespoke and challenging new creative concepts. We aim to capture the imaginations of our audience and transport them away to a place of freedom to express themselves and play. In 2019 elrow Town London expanded and moved to a bigger green site at Trent Park in North London, selling out of general release tickets in June and VIP tickets 10 days from the show. The Town welcomed an international crowd with attendees from over 58 different countries with ages ranging from 18 - 40. The creative production this year was nominated again for ‘Best Festival Production’ in the Festival Awards, having won the category in 2017. Our 10,000 capacity main stage featured a bespoke 20m high inflatable ‘kraken’ engulfing a huge 30m wide custom built ship that could hold over 40 performers. SFX on this stage included 460kg of confetti, 10 confetti cannons, powder confetti, streamers, fireworks, flares, 12 CO2 jets and bubbles for our festival debut of the new ‘Triangulo de las Rowmudas’ theme. This mega-ship was captained by international electronic DJ Jamie Jones, supported by a crew of ‘shipmates’ including Camelphat and Alan Fitzpatrick. Stage 2 was an 8,000 capacity big top tent inside of which attendees found themselves immersed in “El Bowsque Encantado" (The Enchanted Forest) with the likes of Michael Bibi and Erick Morillo. Little Gay Brother hosted stage 3 for the "Rowlimpic Games" theme in an outdoor amphitheatre. The favourite venue from 2017 and 2018, the Absolut Pink Cathedral doubled in size this year with the BUMP roller disco and LGBTQ+ East London party-people, Adonis. Our “Get Involved’ program successfully saw the birth of new venues on site such as the Rowxford Academy, the Karaoke Factory and involvement of new European performance collectives such as The Provibers and House of Dinosaur across the site.