empower agency branding

  • Scarlet Cummins

empower is a digital marketing agency for charities, nonprofits and purpose-led brands. Following a new name they wanted a re-brand to better represent who they are and what they do. The empower branding needed to seem at home in the charity, ‘tech for good’ and social enterprise sectors - to be friendly, professional and welcoming. I opted for a lower case, sans serif font which I adjusted to have rounded endpoints that helped emphasize these ideas. I elevated the ‘o’ to represent how the agency raises up their clients. I then included the option to change the ‘o’ to different symbols to celebrate different causes and awareness days that they as an organisation support. The ‘o’ can also be used as a logo mark for situations where a smaller logo is needed. The final design presents ideas that are at the heart of what empower do as an organisation do.