Empowered Adornment

  • Molly-Rose Crossley
  • Anisha Parmar

This podcast encapsulates the research jeweller Anisha Parmar has been doing around Gold jewellery collected through South Asian journeys of migration, as artefacts with the capacity to be carriers of emotions and memories; gold as a woman’s security within the context of historical and contemporary diasporas; and adornment to express cultural heritage. 12 participants were interviewed and showed us their gold jewellery (via Zoom) and shared histories about where the pieces were born, how they travelled and how they are entwined with the history of their family both past, present, and future. These interviews were the foundation of this 12 part podcast which has had over 1000 listens on Spotify. For this project I worked closely with Anisha as a Co-Producer and as the Editor of the series.