Empowering SAP to lead the revolution against plastic

  • Lori Ho
  • Holly May Mahoney
The Challenge
When software giant SAP wanted to showcase the transformative power of its innovative system SAP Leonardo for CSR, they came to us. Our task was to inspire 15 of their enterprise clients to use the platform collaboratively to tackle a key global challenge of our time: single-use plastic pollution.
The Approach
Through original ethnographic research, we observed how people interact with plastic, from purchase to disposal. A three-day Design Sprint followed. Innovation leaders from 15 multinational companies, such as Coca-Cola and Unilever, collaborated using the technologies to define original concepts to solve the Plastics Challenge.
The Impact
  • New solutions conceived: teams produced five apps and cloud-based digital services, which could be integrated into major brands’ current systems to support customers
  • Outcomes accelerated: solutions included a plastics reward scheme that can be enabled as part of supermarket loyalty schemes
  • Industry activated: SAP presented the ideas at its global conference and is working with the UK Plastics Pact of around 100 companies to develop and bring the new concepts to market


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