End Violence against women

  • Alana Donnelly
  • Rahul Islam
  • Jess Ford
  • Hebah Bin Huraib

Sarah Everards story has finally shed light on an issue that all women face on a daily bases, and as three of the four Off Topic members are women this issues hits home for us. We hope this post shows the depth of this issue and encourages you all to take action by sending your MP an email and taking part in the survey that the government has made. 97% of women have been sexually harrased and out of that 97% only 1% have actually reported it 96% of women believe nothing will happen if they report a case. Change is needed left right and centre. We decided to create a series of posts in the hopes that we can expand the conversation and educate on this topic, as well as helping to find solutions. We have produced a website that collates together posts from all over Instagram for users to easily view and share these educational posts. http://off-topic.co.uk/endviolence We would really apreacte everyone spends a moment to learn and/or share.

Please do checkout our website where we will regularly update posts we find on educating people on how to improve off-topic.co.uk/endviolence