Alana Donnelly

Alana Donnelly

Graphic DesignerBelfast, United Kingdom
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Alana Donnelly

Alana Donnelly

Graphic DesignerBelfast, United Kingdom
About me
Junior Graphic Designer from Belfast, UK. UCA 2020 Graduate. Specialising in illustration
  • NSFW
    NSFWThe not safe for work collection was originally designed for Valentine's Day. I wanted to show female sexuality in different forms. Fun and flirty project to show a different side
  • Alcohol Themed Tarot Cards
    Alcohol Themed Tarot CardsA project finished in my final year of University. Inspiration taken from a competition. Features a mock up for the Tarot card case, the box and the back designs of the cards. The set contains 78 cards all using the theme of alcohol. The Major Arcana are based on your night out, from people you meet to what you'll eat. The rest of the deck is split into 4 sections: Bottles, Cups, Caps and Bottle openers. This deck was just for fun, trying to use a limited palette
Projects credited in
  • End Violence against women
    End Violence against womenSarah Everards story has finally shed light on an issue that all women face on a daily bases, and as three of the four Off Topic members are women this issues hits home for us. We hope this post shows the depth of this issue and encourages you all to take action by sending your MP an email and taking part in the survey that the government has made. 97% of women have been sexually harrased and out of that 97% only 1% have actually reported it 96% of women believe nothing will happen if they rep
  • Elemental Stamps
    Elemental StampsA fun mini project, a set of stamps based on the four elements.
  • Day Zine
    Day ZineOn the 13th August 2020, the Off Topic team decided to document their day, this was then turned into a mini-zine.
  • Mythical Bookmarks
    Mythical BookmarksA mini project consisting of four bookmarks based on mythical creatures. The creatures consisted of a Pheonix, Mermaid, Kraken, and Pixies.
  • Via Clothing Brand
    Via Clothing BrandVia is a clothing brand based on streetwear fashion. The project consisted of designing garments for a new 'hallucinations line', complimentary lookbook, poster campaign, online social media campaign and an online website.
  • Black Lives Matter Teaching Materials
    Black Lives Matter Teaching MaterialsWe believe it is important for children to learn the impacts of racism and the reasons the Black Lives Matter Movement not only began but regained traction in 2020. ​ In order to do this, we produced a small textbook informing children along with a set of flashcards on a range of well known and unknown influential figures.
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Work history
    Sales assistantHome Bargains
    Belfast, United KingdomPart Time
    Off Topic Studio logo
    Off Topic Studio logo
    FounderOff Topic Studio
    United KingdomFull Time
    Off Topic is a small design studio set up by me and some university friends. Check out our website
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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
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  • Digital Illustration
    University for the Creative Arts logo
    University for the Creative Arts logo
    Graphic Design DegreeUniversity for the Creative Arts
    Epsom, United Kingdom