Endless Brunch

  • Mary Noel

Endless Brunch is currently the only true luxury community brunch event outside of the corporate/charity sector. Providing world class service from the start of the customer journey, right through to completion Endless Brunch oozes prestige without pretentiousness. Evident in our marketing and pre-event concierge style customer service to delivery, Elite is all we live for. Endless Brunch is a rogue brunch party that happens in the middle of the day, featuring exotic food and craft cocktails. Currently taking place all over London, soon to go National. It's a mashup of luxury and the underground. You'll meet trendsetters in the arts, media and technology. You'll eat crazy food. You'll get tipsy with bartenders while they pour luxury cocktails and drinks. Endless Brunch connects culturally literate residents and adventurous eaters to help them learn about new cultures, food and craft cocktails in a fun and elegant environment.


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