England Womens Cricket: We Got Game

  • Mollie Rose

At the end of last year I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the England Women’s Cricket Team at Loughborough University whilst they intensely trained for 22 Ashes. When I arrived I instantly felt welcomed into the sisterhood bond these women share, as I documented their down time together in-between training at the nets, the gym and team sessions. I became immersed in the thrill, empowered energy and passion between these incredible women. Sometimes, sport personalities can seem so superhuman, it is hard for young people to believe they could ever become them one day. I wanted to idolise these women because of course, they are idols, yet also show young girls that these women are women. That as well as the hard work and determination on the pitch, their team spirit doesn’t stop when the game comes to a close. They have fun and support one another, they are to be inspired by, and most importantly, that young girls with dreams could grow up to be part of this family one day too.


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