Enhancing the Jewish passover dinner

  • Lucrecia Camiletti

Designed and developed a kit for the passover dinner which enhanced the first night's ceremony whilst creating a friendly guided experience for the new and youngest members of the community. These kits were created for the community of the Chabad-Lubavitch of Islington. Photography by Ioana Nicolae

Seder Board

They key elements in the enhanced kit was a placemat which highlighted the main steps of the seder dinner. Designed to resemble a board game, and complemented with a game piece, the mat helps visualise at what point in the seder you are.


To provide a simple and clear experience for new memberss of the community, a set of cards were created to replace the Haggadah (book normally used for the seder dinner which includes instructions, reflections, commentary among other content).

On each, the action required for each is succinctly introduced, points sof reflection and a section dedicate to engage kids.

In some cases, the cards would point to further required reading found in the seder companion.


Introduces the elements found in the kit, provides a simple instructions checklist for people to go through before starting the seder dinner and also includes longer texts that are required to be read in order to perfom the seder correctly.

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