Ennui Newspaper

A newspaper on the enigmatic feeling of "Ennui" and printed in a limited run of 50 copies only. The project features illustrations created by myself as well as an introductory article on the subject by Kieron Passaway, commissioned specifically for the publication.
Ennui is characteristed by "a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement." Something that I experienced during an extended perios of freelancing, in between emails and projects. This spurred me onto created some illustrations to pass the time, as well as assemble multiple articles, poetry, tweets and examples from film that all illustrative this feeling of "Ennui".
Being very much interested in language, and the idea that even with English we have to borrow loan words from other languages to convey certain emotions or feelings I hope to create these newspapers as a series. Upcoming editions include, Heimweh (German), Saudade (Portugeuse) and Hüzün (Turkish).

Team Credits

Ryan Wooding

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