Ryan Wooding

Ryan Wooding

Graphic Design + CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Ryan Wooding

Ryan Wooding

Graphic Design + CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Ryan Wooding is a graphic designer that looks to create works that are simple, clean and elegant — with an aesthetic that is always backed conceptually.  Okay, now I’ll stop speaking in third person. I have previous experience of working with clients as broad as Nick Cave and most recently Wallpaper* magazine.    Creative projects that I have completed include publications, type design, motion graphics, photography, illustration, design for screens, design for print, exhibitions, logos.
  • Ennui Newspaper
    Ennui NewspaperA newspaper on the enigmatic feeling of "Ennui" and printed in a limited run of 50 copies only. The project features illustrations created by myself as well as an introductory article on the subject by Kieron Passaway, commissioned specifically for the publication. Ennui is characteristed by "a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement." Something that I experienced during an extended perios of freelancing, in between emails and projects. This sp
  • No Credentials (WIP)
    No Credentials (WIP)No Credentials is a blog and future print publication devised by Kieron and edited by Cyomji Studio. It centres around the idea of the droves of people who have creative and unique opinions about a variety of subjects, but not the platform to express them; which is where No Credentials comes in. The blog is currently open for submissions, so if you have a special interest, but no formal background in it then please write to us! In terms of the design of the project, Ryan wanted to keep the design extremely simple and sparse for the benefit of the content; the content being the all-important. The central idea of No Credentials is informal conversations on possibly formal topics, so Ryan explored this idea through the typography employed throughout the design. The informal Fugue in constant conversation with the quite formal Larish Neue, both designed by Radim Pesko type foundry. The unusual nature of the blog is also referenced in the colour scheme of the website's visuals, by using unusual shades of complementary colours. The look-and-feel is very much inspired by various indie publications, which is hopefully what the project will one day also become.
  • Prim Magazine
    Prim MagazinePrim Magazine is a free magazine designed and created by Cyomji Studio as part of our ongoing store promotion. The magazine is included free with every purchase and features content written and curated by Ryan and Kieron. The magazine is set up as a 'A fussy, stiffly neat, formally precise and proper men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle editorial.' Which Ryan channeled when creating the design of both logo and spread layout. This included the application of a rigid grid-system and quite formal type-setting. The page numbering and navigation has also been dictated by the tactile newspaper format of the editorial.
  • Partition Degree Show
    Partition Degree ShowPoster design concept development, signage, invitation, 96pp publication design for the MA Fine Art: Critical Practice degree show exhibited in Brighton. The concept behind the show was the idea of "partitions" between people on the degree course and their respective work. This was referenced in the physical by the course using actual, unfinished partition walls to exhibit their work. I wanted to also explore this idea within the poster design. This was achieved by creating areas of texts in partitioned blocks, influenced by a drawing that mapped out the real-life partitions in the exhibitions. This was coupled with outlined text that simulated the unfinished partitioned walls used in the exhibition design.
  • Palace @ 02 Shepard's Bush Empire
    Palace @ 02 Shepard's Bush EmpirePoster & T-Shirt design for Palace (band) upcoming gig at the 02 Shepard's Bush Empire. As this is a big gig for the band, Palace wanted a one-off poster design for this concert. The concept revolves around taking elements of the band's new album artwork and reworking it somehow into something new. As the original artwork is a painting I thought it would be nice to keep a hand-rendered feel about the design, so created a simplified version of each element and created a screenprinted aesthetic using colours pulled directly from the original artwork. This creates something quite familar to Palace fans, just in the form of a reinvention.
  • The Art of Za Deal
    The Art of Za DealTitle design for the short film The Art of Za Deal. The film deals with issues surrounding Russian espionage efforts, in light of the recent revelations about the last Presidential election. Using this idea as inspiration, Ryan employed a modified version of the type-face 'Balkan Sans' for the main titling. This foreshadows the espionage, enigma and lost-in-translation themes of the production. The colour is also lifted directly from the hues of the cinematography employed throughout the film.
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Work history
    Cyomji Studio logo
    Cyomji Studio logo
    Graphic DesignerCyomji Studio
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Cyomji Studio is a creative collaboration between writer Kieron Passaway & designer Ryan Wooding.
    One Rise East logo
    One Rise East logo
    Creative InternOne Rise East
     - Internship
    Creative Intern. Working with brands alongside a team of environmental designers to create innovative and engaging events spaces.
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    BA(Hons) Graphic Design
     - Brighton, United Kingdom
    Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers
    Entering into the prestigious International Society of Typographic awards 2015, I was accepted into the organisation through my submitted project based upon creating a typographic identity for the Design Museum. The awards are renowned for a remarkably low acceptance rate of 33% and I was one of only a few second years to enter the awards this year, the majority being made up of final year students and professionals. Being accepted into the Society now entitles me to identify as a Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and use the letters 'MISTD' after my name. http://ryan-wooding-brighton.tumblr.com/search/istd