• Valerie Bungener Relmy

[Student project] For this student project, the brief was to create an unconventional travel magazine for the well-known Time Out magazine. Although they currently offer over 100 guides, they had a strong desire to reconnect with their rebellious roots through a new UNCONVENTIONAL TRAVEL GUIDE. This new guide was to be released under a new brand entity and feature an editorial structure that stands out from the crowd, far away from the consumerist typical layout. Beside a cutting-edge and creative content, imagery treatment and typography are also paramount in this project. When it comes to the demographic, the target audience is curious, well-educated, epicurean travellers that have no interest in joining the mainstream experience. I worked around the notions of counter-culture, destination and change in order to define the core identity of this new travel guide. The spreads are a visualisation of an article from acclaimed author Liza Premiyak. The article explores the Trans-Siberian Express life-changing, intense experience. To reinforce the concept and convey the overarching values of the magazine, the spreads were set on a modular grid. Different formats of papers and textures were combined to enhance the reader experience and support the inspiring content. As the article unfolds and reveals itself, the reader is fully immersed in a unique sensorial and visual experience.