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  • Hannah Davies
  • Anand Gorasia
Enterprise Rent-A-Car were losing market share to other more modern rental services. We gave them a well needed attitude adjustment and turned them from fuddy-duddies into purveyors of epic adventure.
We created The Open Road Magazine - a content hub serving up travel inspiraton by the boot-load - and pumped every single one of their social channels with some fresh aspirational messaging that encouraged everyone to go out there and 'Achieve Adventure'.
We commissioned, researched, wrote, edited, curated and art directed over 200 individual articles on the site, turning our attention to topics including Transatlantic Tearooms, road trips around Majorca's unknown places, and must-see sculptures that stuck out like a sore thumb. Some of our favourite commissions came as a result of working with well-known writers, upcoming photographers and bona fide celebrities, as well as people simply driven by their passion to explore.
The Open Road Magazine attracted over 40,000 unique visits per month and increased visits to the rental site by nearly 50%. Its success also led to Enterprise rolling out the format in both Europe and the US.

See an archived version of Open Road Magazine HERE
NB/ Much of the content from The Open Road has since been migrated onto Enterprise's new dotcom site. Unfortunately, the CMS did not allow for our carefully designed layouts to be transferred, but some of the editorial can still be read here: www.enterprise.co.uk/en/inspiration


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