Hannah E. Davies

Hannah E. Davies

Creative + CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Hannah E. Davies

Hannah E. Davies

Creative + CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I'm Hannah. A serial word-botherer with ginger hair and bad eyesight. I think things up, write things down and search for ideas in strange places. It'd be nice to know ya. Take a look at my book: nicehanwriting.com Find me: @bananedavies
  • NBC UNIVERSAL | It's Movie Night
    NBC UNIVERSAL | It's Movie NightTo stimulate sales of NBCUniversal's titles on TVoD, we created a ridiculously fun remarketing campaign focused on reviving the movie watching rituals of the past. With a powerful combo of playful copy, iconic scenes and bold typography, we rolled the campaign out across features both new and old, from classics like Jaws, Jurassic Park and ET to blockbusters like Hobbs & Shaw, Downton Abbey and 1917.   As a huge movie fan, I'm still pinching myself over this one.
  • GOOGLE | Make Sense on Mobile
    GOOGLE | Make Sense on MobileAn irreverent ensemble film that demonstrates what happens when business owners don't invest in decent mobile sites. Taking our cues from terrible UI, we took online interactions into the real world to make a hair-tearing montage in which bad customer experiences lead to negative consequences.
    THE WEB FOUNDATION | 30 YearsTo mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web's invention, we worked with The Web Foundation to create an ad urging people to wake up and take note of digital inequality across the globe and sign the petition #ForTheWeb. Appearing in The Financial Times on March 12th 2019, the concept was given the final sign-off (and stamp of approval) by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, himself. Pretty freakin' sweet.
  • Stop & Search
    Stop & SearchIn the UK, racism is very, very real. But its insidious impact is often diminished, especially when compared to more overt attacks on POC and minority communities in the US. To raise awareness of the country's systemic biases, we took to the streets with a campaign rooted in one of its most racist policies: Stop & Search. Using this as our call to action, and a visual language inspired by civil rights protests, we showed how easy it is to get educated on the inequalities people face. On launc
  • ZENDESK | Pinballer
    ZENDESK | PinballerZendesk’s Support Suite is the ultimate solution for any business struggling with their CRM. So, to get the word out to companies trying to keep up with their customers’ demands, we created a dynamic direct mailer that wouldn't die a horrible death in the in-tray. Combining an arcade classic with bang up-to-date tech, Pinballer uses the fast, flexible and focused skills needed to win at real pinball as a metaphor for keeping up with customers in today's non-stop business world.
  • GOOGLE | Go Time
    GOOGLE | Go TimeNot a lot of Android users know that Google Assistant is built right into their phones and ready to respond anytime, even when they're on the move. Enter 'Go Time' — an awareness campaign, focused around playful product demos, that showcases the most useful ways Google Assistant can help out in those moments when you really can't stop to use your phone. Originally briefed in as a banner campaign, we pitched a new idea (with versatility and added urgency) back to the client, resulting in thi
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Projects credited in
  • Hotel Insights
    Hotel InsightsGiving SMB hoteliers the tools to compete in the global travel market with the power of Google's data, resources and expertise. Google was seeking new opportunities to help businesses in the travel market, but needed to identify where the biggest challenges were and where they could make a meaningful impact. After a thorough analysis of industry trends, interviews with stakeholders across the globe and a deep dive into the sector, we discovered a problem that Google was uniquely positioned to
  • Google Be Internet Legends
    Google Be Internet LegendsTeaching lessons in legendary online behaviour with an empowering guide to digital safety. While Google’s Be Internet Legends programme is helping school children learn how to navigate the online world with confidence, parents — who face increasing anxiety over their family’s digital safety — are still being left out of the loop. To bridge the knowledge gap, we created the Be Internet Legends Parents Page — a useful resource full of internet safety tips, tools, and advice that helps parents a
  • Google Go Time
    Google Go TimeShowcasing Google Assistant's helpfulness for those who don't have the luxury of stopping for answers on the go. Driving usage on Android devices is an important goal for Google Assistant, but not everyone feels totally at ease talking to Google Assistant on their phone yet. Our solution is born from a simple insight: People are far more likely to use voice commands on their phone whilst walking somewhere, rather than standing around in public. And this ‘go-time’ time is precisely when our min
  • Google Grow My Store
    Google Grow My StoreHelp businesses grow with an insightful new product. Today’s customer is more demanding than ever. With digital retail competition mounting, thousands of businesses miss out on sales because their stores don’t meet high customer expectations. Building off of the success of the initial launch, we’ve evolved Grow My Store into an intuitive product that outlines tailored insights and shows businesses how they stack up against competitors. Every product update is driven by user feedback and strate
  • NBCU It's Movie Night
    NBCU It's Movie NightReinventing movie remarketing with a bold, behaviour change campaign. NBCUniversal were seeing a serious decline in digital downloads of their titles and needed a way to stimulate TVoD sales fast. So, to win over audiences — and influence new patterns of buying behaviour — in the age of streaming, second screens and choice paralysis, we created a nostalgia-twinging campaign that reminded everyone of the domestic movie-watching rituals we used to love, once upon a time. To launch IT’S MOVIE NI
  • Zendesk Pinballer
    Zendesk PinballerFlipping the switch on direct mail with a winning interactive experience. Zendesk’s Support Suite is the ultimate solution for any business struggling with their CRM. So, to get the word out to companies trying to keep up with their customers’ demands, we created a dynamic direct mailer guaranteed to grab attention. Taking the nostalgic fun of an arcade classic, and combining it with today’s most innovative technology, we launched Pinballer — an interactive piece of experience-led marketing ma
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